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We Are A Production Company

WHY APPEAR ORDINARY WHEN YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY? Over the years, our visions of igniting the global entertainment market place with ubiquitous sparks of dynamic vitality through products, services and talents have made us renowned for our finesse, good quality of labour and rapid but optimal productivity. We consider ourselves mavericks and pioneers in delivering and rendering our clients fantasies vivid with quintessential finishing while showcasing and celebrating their capacity with pump and pageantry. We are in the business of harnessing your ideas into gold bullion making them work for your investment and remain worthy of every investment. To dare to dream is considered bravery in the land of creators, thus we brazenly offer you a place of endless possibilities for your world of dreams. Dream the impossible and become the extraordinary. Get to know us

We Advice

Conducting thorough research and practical experiments are essential blocks of our project management ethos. Our philosophy of niche branding keeps us fresh, innovative and well ahead of the curve. This means we never get too comfortable with our successful ideas but are always pushing boundaries in the quest for the "new and vital" future culture. Hence we offer invaluable advice that enables and encourages you beyond your ideas.

We Design

It is our primary goal to create a unique signature and brand DNA for each project we handle. From concept, through to production we incubate your vision with a dedicated, passionate and committed team of hardworking creatives, often the best in the business.

We Develop

In Film, Television, Music, Fashion and other Creative industries, we oversee your idea from the very first drafts of screenplays, compositions, songwriting through to final production. We help refine and package the product for optimal branding, and aid in securing investment for continuous financial support and brand longevity.

Marilyn David Huck – Founder

In the last 10 years Marilyn David Huck has successfully developed
business relationships with blue chip partners in the fashion, music,
tv , live events and film industries in Europe and the USA.. Most
importantly she has international contacts within the music and fashion
industry, privileged to have collaborated with icons such as Cerrone,
Nile Rogers of Chic, Bonnie Tyler, 4 Hero and luxury brands such as
Moet et Chandon (LVMH) and Cartier amongst others for music and fashion
events. She also collaborate on music productions as a songwriter,
composer, producer and performing artist with international
talents worldwide across various genres. She is also continuing with
master classes and training programs with Lancaster University
Management School, University of Arts and London College of Fashion
amongst other programmes for Creatives in Music, Film/TV and PR as an
SME. Marilyn is an Artist, Composer & Producer, Concept Developer, Brand
Developer, Project & Production Manager, Talent Manager,Director Artist
& Repertoire, Creative Director and Writer.

Gerhard P. Huck – Producer, Director Sales & Acquisition

Gerhard P. Huck has expertise in marketing and publishing with over forty years in Photography, Publishing, Film, Screen writing and the Entertainment business, especially in Film licensing, Marketing and Content development. As an advertising and fashion photographer Gerhard got the opportunity to manage media distribution and publishing. His day to day activities as a publishing business manager included planning and organizing of target groups for specific media, acquisition and distribution of communal political print media, organizing distributions for customer acquisition) he later incorporated MCL and became Business manager/ CEO of the film and home entertainment company which commercialized the utilization of foreign Film, TV and Home entertainment rights. He also represented a number of American film and TV producers, handled mediation of foreign co-productions. Mayvid currently represents renowned novelists Charles Wilson.
Gerhard is a producer and author of the screenplay Birds Don’t Cry and The Fake was a Business manager / CEO of MDC Media Distribution & Consulting GmbH, Germany/ USA.
He was the Business manager/ CEO of MCL MediaCom & Licensing Ltd. UK/ German and since 2009 he is now Director for sales/ acquisitions/ content development/ financing for Mayvid Entertainment Ltd. London

Max Davis – Product Manager

  • Marilyn David Huck
  • Gerhard P. Huck
  • Max Davis
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  • Inspiring Quotes - Steve Job - CEO

    Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful... that's what matters to me
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Looking back over the years, we are proud to say that we have always been at the fore front of all things innovative, way ahead of industry norms and settings. We have been and remain incubators of future culture and will continue to push boundaries as taste makers. Wtch out for our exciting new "Convergent Immersive"

78 Project Finished

Content Producer -
WEB Dubois Center - Ghana
BET AFRICA Night with Maya Angelou Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder - Ghana
LIVE8 Versailles, France
European Union 50th Anniversary - Brussels
Cannes Film Festival - France
World Music Awards - Monaco
Nikki Beach Cannes ST Tropez
VIP Room Paris Cannes ST Tropez
RADIO FG - Paris

89 Happy Clients

Studio Hamburg, Germany
Edel Music, Germany
Zyx Music, Germany
Telepool, Germany
Tele5, Germany,
Pro7Sat1 Media Group, Germany
RTL Group, Germany
Koch Media Group, Germany
Eurovideo, Germany
Fernsehjuwelen GmbH, Germany
ZDF Enterprise, Germany,
Degeto, Germany
MGM Channel, Germany
KSM Home Entertainment, Germany
BBC Television, UK
ITV Studios, UK
Strawberry Media, UK
Content Film, UK
NBC Universal, UK/ USA
Ytinfni Studios, USA
BoPaul Media, USA
Vision Films, USA
Reel Media, USA
Acort Internat., USA
Really Real Films, Canada
Shochiku, Japan
Toho, Japan
Celestial Pictures, Hong Kong
Les Bains Douche Paris, France
Le Pulp Belgium
Musèe De L'Art Foraine Geneva, Switzerland
VIP ROOM Paris, France
La Mezzanine De Alcazar Paris, France
La Fabrique Paris, France
A Night Of Gospel Wembley Stadium London
La Scene Paris, France
Grimaldi Forum Monte Carlo, Monaco
Magic Mirrors Nancy, France
Club Hollywood Tallinn, Estonia
Arezzo Wave Night Arezzo, Italy
Les 4 Ecluses Dunkerque, France
Turnmills London, UK
Theatre De L'Empire Champs Élysée Paris, France
The Rex Paris, France
QUEEN Paris, France
Nouveau Casino Paris, France
Le Passage Chicago, USA
Le Colonial Chicago, USA
Truman Studios London, UK
The Cargo London, UK
The IT Club Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Le Duplex Paris, France
The Wax Paris, France SHERMANS -
The Citea Paris, France
OPA Paris, France
Les Plages Sonores Montpellier, France
Labadi Suites Accra, Ghana
Golden Tulip Hotels Accra, Ghana
Baseline Jazz Accra, Ghana
Olympia Paris, France
Hard Rock Cafe Radio Toronto, Canada
Shalabar Moscow, Russia.
Austin Mini Moscow, Russia,
SWATCH Zurich, Switzerland,
De Grisogono Switzerland
Cartier Place Vendome Paris, France
LVMH Paris, France
COACH Chicago, USA
Pershing Hall Paris, France
Mezzanine De L’Alcazar Paris, France
Alfred Dunhill St Petersburg, Russia

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Production, Film, Television, Music
Project Management
Product Management
Brand Management
Concept development
Business Development


Feature Films In Pre - Production. Direct Descendant Glass House - Resurrection


SoulRockumentary - Raising An Empire a 45 minute Magazine showcasing extraordinary people and places around the world.

Graphic Design

We design and develop logos and items for unique brand merchandise, products, goods, services and events. Especially for future entertainment.


From Film scores, jingles, booms, stings, and artist repertoire we combine sound design and music composition bringing avant garde music art for niche products.

Our Plans

Feature films and Television productions in development.

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